Angel Of The underworld

Jan Lamb

Jan Lamb’s connections to various underworld figures is far and outreaching and includes names such as The Krays, Charlie Bronson, Charlie Richardson, Joey Pyle, Frankie Fraser, Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Dave Courtney and even the New York Mob right up to and including John Gotti, more famously known as the ‘Teflon Don’ who was head of the Gambino family in New York. She is, and was, held in very high esteem by all these names and hundreds more as the foreword for this book will testify.


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Jan Lamb’s number 1 bestselling book “The Angel Of The Underworld”

Jan Lamb

Jan’s book, “The Angel Of The Underworld” can be found on all major digital download stores and has been a number 1 bestseller on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo as well as Barnes and Noble.

The Life Of An Angel In The Underworld film is also available on Amazon Prime.

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