About Jan lamb

Jan Lamb’s connections to various underworld figures is far and outreaching and includes names such as The Krays, Charlie Bronson, Charlie Richardson, Joey Pyle, Frankie Fraser, Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Dave Courtney and even the New York Mob right up to and including John Gotti, more famously known as the ‘Teflon Don’ who was head of the Gambino family in New York. She is, and was, held in very high esteem by all these names and hundreds more as the foreword for this book will testify.

Mike Gambino does not go out of his way to write book forewords for just any old person, that person must be special, they must be worthy and they must be respected on every level. The Mob do not endorse books under normal circumstance, so for them to give this book the nod of approval just highlights Jan’s standing amongst their numbers. Jan’s own respect for Mike and the rest of the Mob is unquestionable. Charlie Bronson has so much respect for Jan that he once quoted, “I would happily cut my leg off for Jan Lamb and beat any man to a pulp with it”. Jan knows the relevance of having such high-profile friends in her life but if someone who knew nothing of her background and saw her in the supermarket then she would appear to be just an average middle-aged lady with a very unassuming look about her. Her long blonde hair and talon-esque fingernails, the knowing look in her eye and the cool demeanour she exudes are probably the only give-away as to her true, though secret, identity.

Jan Lamb, the Angel of the Underworld, wasn’t born to fit in, she was born to stand out, she wasn’t born to fail, she was born to succeed, she wasn’t born to take shit from nobody and she doesn’t take shit from nobody, regardless of title or stature. Jan is very much her own person, her own woman and her own guardian angel. Despite her early disadvantages Jan was determined and prepared to succeed where others may have faltered and failed. She has helped thousands or down-trodden people through her work as both a counsellor and her work with Victim Support. So yeah, she knew her own worth and her own abilities and she formulated her own fruitful and friend-filled future – a future which makes her worthy of this… Her own biography!

Jan Lamb’s number 1 bestselling book “The Angel Of The Underworld” can be found on all major digital download stores, such as, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. The Life Of An Angel In The Underworld film is also available on Amazon Prime. For hardcopies of Jan's book, please get in touch via the contact page.